We just don’t produce clothing, we express your passions through our fashion.

About Us

‘IGYNE’ a brand known for its modesty and simplicity, has been in operation for a brief period of one year, from June 2021. A start-up operating in Bengaluru with a strong founding base coming from its founder, who has 34 years of humungous experience in the textile industry. Knowing all its smallest details from fabric to cloth care and much more.

IGYNE is a team of creative synergies who always want to assure guaranteed safety to wearers on the skin along with a feather-like soft touch.

Our sole motto is similar round the old saying “health is wealth”. Healthy here doesn’t mean always being safe and think for 1000 times before you do something, but it means getting out and digging into your surroundings freely. In, short enjoying all our potentialities and freedoms without a second thought.

We manufacture ladies’ garments with Swedish technology and have a tie-up with a renowned company “POLYGIENE”. We are the 1st garment manufacturer in India to use 3 POLYGIENE technologies – 1st one is Moisture Management (the technology that manage the sweat and moisture & keep garment breathable ), 2nd anti-virus (the technology that prevents you from dirty micro-organisms that cause cold-cough, dust allergy), and the 3rd one odour crunch (this prevents the bad smell due to sweating). The next one is a combination of moisture management and odour crunch this prevents the smell coming from garments due to microbes and will also remove the static- effect from garments. These technologies will help you overcome your daily hassles which can be harsh on your body.

IGYNE along with taking care of your body will also help you be in trend and never get a FOMO!

We specialize in formal rayon shirts, T-shirts, tops, Kurtis, night-dresses, & a tons variety of bottom wear.

At IGYNE fashions, our goal is to create a safe attire for everyone, we don’t just produce clothing we help you express yourself in the best possible way on all occasions and boost pride with our topmost quality and assured protection. Take my word for it, when you wear IGYNE you realize your passion through our fashion.

Our Team

Let’s get introduced to the backbone of IGYNE Fashions, persons who continuously spend their blood, sweat and tears to build this precious.

Abhay Dahale

Founder & Director

Abhay is a qualified B.Sc.(Tech) from a renowned institution ICT. He is an expert in Garment washing and Dyeing. He has worked for many organizations over 36 years and is the founder of IGYNE fashions. He is passionate about his work and knows all minute details related.

Yamini Dahale


Yamini is a qualified B.Sc.(Physics) from Mumbai University, has done an advanced diploma in computer software and diploma in boutique management. She very well knows pattern making, stitching and cutting. She is a very strong support system and stands by the team through thick and thin.

Niharika Singh


After earning bachelor’s in architecture and working in the same field. I started freelancing as an interior designer. Having interest in fashion industry I thought of exploring it and joined this venture

Ketaki Dahale

Digital creator and constant support

Ketaki a high- spirited budding soul with a drive of enthusiasm and a passion for fashion, she loves experimenting new stuff and trying out different thingies. She is a ever constant part of IGYNE fashions.

Brand Story

photo of man carrying toddler

The birth of IGYNE as a brand started from a father’s welfare perspective for his daughter. As a father, Abhay saw his young daughter having issues with clothes that might usually go unnoticed in the eyes of many.

He saw his daughter who would get rashes on her skin due to harsh-hand feel and pilling of cloth, along with a lower quality of fabric which causes the static effect, such clothes that lead to sweat and foul door. All of these problems eventually produced viruses and microbes that were unhygienic and bad for the body.

Abhay observed the daily hassles of his daughter, and as a part of the existing role in the profession. He began his search for an end-point solution to all clothing-related problems and decided to start his enterprise IGYNE Fashions with a mission to “relive clothes we wear”.

IGYNE is a one-stop solution for all the clothing hassles. IGYNE is a place where comfort meets satisfaction. It is a guarantee to keep you with the latest trends in your comfort. 

IGYNE is a wave that grew up with his daughter over the years a wave to revolutionize the existing fashion industry.